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Develop a deep, authentic confidence

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Meet our Founder, Loree

Loree Philip is a former 16-year Boeing professional turned entrepreneur. She is now focused on empowering and elevating women through her work as an executive coach, the Daring to Leap podcast host, and the founder of weSpark, a boutique coaching and training firm that supports women leaders and entrepreneurs to find their voice, deepen their self-belief, and cultivate deep and authentic confidence.

After a successful 16-year career in the Aerospace and Defense industry, Loree followed her heart to have more freedom and impact in her career. Her journey has been one of significant personal growth, learning to step out of her comfort zone, let go of her fears, and embody an empowered mindset.

Loree’s work and her story have been featured on Authority Magazine, the Scottsdale Independent, the Sonoma Morning Show, Podnews, Most Authentic Life, Entrepreneur’s Enigma, Living Intentionally, and more.

Loree is an Erickson Certified Professional Coach and holds an ACC International Coach Federation professional credential. She has an MBA and Bachelor of Science in Finance from Arizona State University.

Develop a deep, authentic Confidence

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Designed for Women Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Great job! You are feeling a bit uncomfortable because you are challenging yourself and are working outside your comfort zone. You are not taking the easy route but are leaning into doing hard things like stretching yourself, leading teams, tackling challenging projects, or running a business.

In this transformational program, we are going to teach you how to feel authentically confident by strengthening your self-belief, cultivating an empowered mindset, and becoming more comfortable in challenging and new situations.

We are not learning how to project a confident outside appearance. We are learning how to FEEL confident and ultimately BE confident with who we are and what we are capable of. That true authentic confidence will shine through.

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FREE 3 Day Masterclass

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We don’t want to assume that our program is a fit for you, and you shouldn’t either! That is why for the first time ever we are offering a 100% free 3-day coaching masterclass, live from our founder, Loree Philip, to help develop you step into your authentic confidence. We will show you how to find your unique voice, build the confidence to use it, deepen your self belief, and develop confidence outside of your comfort zone. Registration is limited, so sign up today and reserve your seat!

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About Authentic Confidence 4 Women

Authentic confidence 4 women is unique and effective program for women to learn the proven tools to embody an empowered mindset, strengthen their self-belief, and feel authentically confident. We offer 1-1 coaching, group programs and workshops with our founder, Loree Philip.

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Find Your Unique Voice

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Deepen Self-Belief

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Confidence Outside Your Comfort Zone

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